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Color Blind

Poetry - Spoken Word Inspired By: The destructive and (sometimes unwittingly) damaging effect of subscription to "colorblindness". The fallaciousness of the concept. Written & Performed by Alexis Henry.

Just God

Poetry - Spoken Word Inspired By: The sunset. Written & Performed by Alexis Henry.

The Voice of Alexis Henry Helped Make This #SYTYCD Television History!!!

I had the pleasure of being the voice for this groundbreaking moment in So You Think You Can Dance television history! It was the first time a performance was choreographed to poetry in the history of the show, and yours truly voiced the powerful words of Maya Angelou's Still I Rise for it! SYTYCD's video of this performance on Facebook received over 1 MILLION VIEWS in the first 24 hours. The performance, which was choregraphed by the brilliant Sean Cheeseman, was brought back and done AGAIN during the Season 14 finale. What a remarkable time...